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Ditch the Social Media

I know, I know. I’m the fifth person this week to tell you social media is a godless travesty that sucks the life out of your soul. But here’s the deal. Since the New Year, I’ve been living my life without it. And I’m here to tell you that life is good - even in the midst of a pandemic! Even in Missouri’s most recent -20 degree winter, I was a happy-go-lucky bundle of joy. I didn’t realize how much time and emotional energy was being zapped away!

Do you remember the classic movie The Princess Bride? There’s a part in the movie when Westley, the dashing, swashbuckling, young hero has been captured. The evil Prince Humperdinck tortures him in The Pit of Despair with a device called “The Machine”. It’s a fantastical point in the movie. It also makes me think about how we’re all living with “The Machine” in our daily lives. But unlike Westley, we don’t know and can’t feel how much life force is being sucked from us. The damage social media does is silent but deadly.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand social media is here to stay, and I’m not shaming people who get a kick out of watching Tik-Tok videos. What I am saying is you should take a break and see how you feel, because you really won’t know until you try. And if you didn’t know, we’re in the perfect season to do this! The season of Lent. A time of personal devotion and preparation for Easter. Lent is a quality time to make a personal sacrifice that causes you to think and grow spiritually. Lent is traditionally the 40 days before Easter. So, you might be a little behind in getting started, but who cares. As long as you’re willing to grow it doesn’t matter when you start. And I have a feeling that once you start you might just change the way you live with social media all together.

And if you’re not sold on my proposal yet go watch The Social Dilemma on Netflix. It’s like the Super Size Me documentary of our digital age. And just like Super Size Me opened our eyes to the world of fast food and all the health problems it can cause, The Social Dilemma will open your eyes to the world that’s been created by tech professionals to make you think you’re socializing. When in reality, your brain is just responding to neurological cues, pretty much like a drug or food addict would.

Don’t get me wrong. I know it’s not all bad. I have completely deleted the apps off my phone—a must-do for anyone seeking to detangle themselves from the “social” powers that be—but I haven’t deleted my accounts altogether. It’s still a good way to keep up-to-date with family that doesn’t live close, and I get to see pictures of nieces and nephews. But beyond that, I find myself quickly signing back off because I enjoy my enjoyment too much.

An added bonus: dropping the fake social monsters will get you in the spirit to start something new. It might give you the energy to start that project you’ve been putting off, or get outside and take a walk with the family. Being more present at home is something everyone will enjoy the experience of, including your kids. This will require you to be present as a parent again—and that’s a good thing. I’ve come to notice that with my renewed sense of energy comes a renewed sense of purpose. There is a part of me as a parent that was allowing technology to babysit my kids. It made my life easier at times, but also less fulfilling. It was nice being able to do what I wanted to do instead of asking someone else what they’d prefer to do, but I didn’t have anyone to do it with, they were all on their phones!

My final point is this: your life is passing you by while you’re watching life happen through your phone. Don’t believe the neurochemicals in your brain. Facebook is not real life, and Tik-Tok is just the latest fad in a long line of fads. Turn them off and settle in with yourself, your family, and your friends.


Spring is upon us and the sun is finally shining! We want to thank each of you for the part you play in allowing us to provide high-quality, affordable counseling services for at-risk children and families. We couldn’t do it without you and the life change you help provide through your giving is making a generational impact!

· Thank you, Dave & Rosie Bourland, for your new monthly giving commitment that you made on behalf of those who can’t afford quality mental health care.

· A special thanks to the Leslie Rodriguez & Lauren Bryan for hosting successful Facebook birthday fundraisers on our behalf.

· Richard Zolnowski we are thankful for your very generous first-time gift.

· We are grateful to Jason & Val Shram for your generous annual gift that will help make a lasting impact in the lives of so many.

· Thank you, Heather Edwards, for your general annual gift.

· A special thank you to Stan & Deb Oglesby and Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services for their generous additional donations over and above their regular giving.

A special Thank You to our faithful monthly supporters: Brandon & Vanessa Blanchard, Cory Young, Jenny Glasgow, Craig & Samantha Compton, Roger & Jennifer Madsen, John & Vicki Hefner, Tamara Stroud, Church at Coffee Creek, Stone AMP SEO, John Otradovec, Zane & Melissa Morerod, Matt Newton, Jondy & Heather Britton, Rick & Jan Britton, Nancy Shea, Diane Smith, Rick & Kathy Daulton, Scott & Lydia Hurley, Kevin Quinn, Dan & Gigi Rippee, Mark & Cathy McGaughey, Mike & Tracy Pruitt, Lee & Debbie Miller, Linda Hartman, Lone Jack Baptist Church, Brent & Amanda Miller, Clayton & Pam Wooldridge, Demi Raveill, Stan & Deb Oglesby, Jeff Cherry, Andre Fantasma, Jon & Naomi Thompson, Jon Brody, and Greg & Jennifer Spears.

We appreciate you!

WOW!! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving fundraiser. We are so appreciative of your continued support of our mission and want to personally thank each of you:

· Summit Funding

· The Tomlin Team RE/MAX Heritage

· Mark & Cathy McGaughey

· Kansas City Mavericks – Brent Thiessen

· Wise Wealth – Stephen Strickland

· Rachel House

· Shelbi Green

· Greg & Jennifer Spears

· Roger & Laura Neir

· St. Luke’s – Trina Cole

· Boyles Famous Corned Beef – Gregg Ouverson

· Jennifer Nichols

· Craig & Samantha Compton

· Lee & Debbie Miller

· Tiffany Johnson

· Mike & Shannon Horsley

· Spencer & Spencer Pediatric Dentistry

· Paths Elder Law

· Oades Brothers Tire & Auto

· Republic Services – Tami Courtney

· B&T Specialties – Bev Howe


Registration and Sponsorships are now available for our 1st Annual Sporting Clay Tournament. Our event will be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at Powder Creek Shooting Park in Lenexa. If you’ve been to our golf tournament you know this will be a top-notch event with some stellar swag bag gifts. At the event you can expect breakfast, lunch, 100 clays, prizes, team golf car, swag bag and 1 raffle entry per person. You won’t want to miss this! We only have room for 20 teams and we only have 11 team spots left, so get registered TODAY!


  • Team Registration – 4 Person ($500)

  • Individual Team Registration ($125): Playing on a team but paying fees individually.

  • Individual Registration ($150): Individual shooter, not yet on a team. Will be placed on a team prior to event.


  • 12 Gauge Sponsor ($2,500): Logo on All Printed Materials, Logo on Event Participant Gift, Logo on Event Banner, Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign; 1 Team of Four Included

  • 16 Gauge Sponsor ($1,250): Logo on Event Banner, Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign; 1 Team of Four Included

  • 20 Gauge Sponsor ($750): Logo on Event Banner, Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign

  • 28 Gauge Sponsor ($250): Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign


REGISTER NOW for our 5th Annual Golf Classic on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at Adams Pointe Golf Club in Blue Springs. This is a sold-out event every year, so start getting your team together.

To secure your team or to become an event sponsor, visit our Events page or click here.

2021 Golf Tournament Silent Auction Packages Needed! Peace Partnership would like to invite you, your friends, and family to create a Package for our 2021 Silent Auction. Your package will help us raise funds so we can continue to help those in need, by providing quality mental health care at affordable rates to an underserved community. We are also accepting other new donated items for our silent auction.

How Do I Make A Silent Auction Package?

  1. Pick a “theme” for your package.

  2. Ask each participant to bring an item that fits the theme.

  3. Items can be merchandise, gift cards, entertainment, services, etc.

  4. The package should be valued at $50 or more.

Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Started!

  • Amazon Gift Card

  • Apple Products

  • Country Club Plaza Gift Card

  • Grill-Out Package

  • Home Decor

  • Date Night Package

  • Spa Day

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • Outdoors Package

  • Yeti Products

  • Car Guru Package

  • Fitness Package

For questions or package drop off, please contact Athena Brattin at or call 816-272-0653.

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