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A Better World

Begins With You...



Give the Gift of Peace.

We're very grateful for the support of our generous Partners. We refer to you fondly as:


"People Like Us."

People that choose to support us believe what we believe:

That you really can change someone's world.

That life isn't about me, it's about we.

That generosity drives change.

That giving is living.

If this rings true for you, you're People Like Us and we invite you to Partner with us.


When you give to Peace Partnership, you're helping people in our own community.

You're helping the young couple you saw at the grocery store.

You're helping the single mom you met at church.

You're helping the kid whose parents are going through a divorce.

You're helping the teenager that bagged your groceries.


Your donation helps us change the course of these people's lives.

We want to help as many people as we can.

You might be People Like Us. If you love people the way we do please consider giving now.

People Like Us

We value people. We're obsessed with excellence. We believe humor is good for the soul.


Wonder who else values what we value? In addition to the many individual people who support us, here's a list of organizations that partner with us.

Heritage Companies Logo.png
Highstreet Logo For Website.png
Rotary Club of Eastern Independence.png
The Lee Family Charitable Giving Fund.png
Zarda Logo For Website.png
Paths Law Firm Logo For Website.png

“What can I say to someone who has been so wonderful in the growth and support of our child?  I would like to tell you how much my husband and I appreciate all of your great counseling and the wonderful friendship you have given to our daughter.”

- Parent

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