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Vices or Virtues? Defining the Line that Separates Our Behaviors

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

When you hear or read the word addict who do you picture? What do you picture? Maybe you see a room full of people sitting in a circle, talking about their lives and addictions. Maybe you picture a loved one or friend who is having a difficult time. While these are likely, accurate, and common occurrences within addictions, I highly doubt you pictured yourself. Now you are probably thinking, “Ryan, I am not an addict.”. To that I say, we are ALL addicts; it's just a matter of knowing and accepting what we are addicted to.

There are two kinds of addictions: substance and behavioral. Substance addiction, which is what you likely pictured at the beginning of this article, is the reliance on substances, such as a variety of drugs, alcohol, or nicotine products that affect us in a biologically direct way. Behavioral addictions are what I am accusing us all of having. It can be any behavior that we are compelled to do no matter the consequences. Common behaviors observed in addiction studies are gambling, pornography, video games, social media, eating, exercising, shopping, attention seeking, and working. That is only to name a few, but the list goes on and on.

Alarming information and statistics:

Video games can cause withdrawal symptoms such as: cravings, impatience, lack of pleasure, irritability/anger, anxiousness/tenseness (Giordano et al., 2020).

Popular pornography sites log 92 million viewers a day (Pornhub Insights, 2018).

The most popular way of viewing pornography is viewing free content on smartphones/devices (Herbenick et al., 2020).

56% of high school students have viewed pornography in the last year - 78% male & 41% female (Maheaux et al., 2021).

100% of studied adolescents had a social media account and 80% reported checking social media once a day (Giordano, et al., 2022).

Over 80% of Americans gamble on a yearly basis, while 3-5 out of every 100 struggles with a gambling addiction (, 2023).

Up to 750,000 young people between the ages of 14 and 21 have a gambling addiction (, 2023).

Up to 15% of Americans reported being addicted to the way they feel when shopping (Eng, 2010).

I hope these alarming statistics got your attention as they did mine. The point of this article is to highlight the rarely spoken truth about behavioral addictions and their prevalence in our society. While most of the listed addictions have been around for decades, the ease of access to technology has increased them drastically, while our focus on them has barely shifted. I have recently noticed a pattern while counseling a multitude of clients. Each person that I talk to has a behavioral pattern or addiction that either affects or is caused by their root issues. An example that most of us can relate to is that many clients of mine have experienced feelings of boredom or being unmotivated. Each of these clients has also expressed that, during these spells, they catch themselves on their phones, using some form of entertainment for hours at a time. This shows us that underlying internal factors that cause us to lose motivation, results in negative patterns, addictions, and coping skills.

How many of you have complained about the negative effects of social media, but check it every day? Compulsivity is a symptom we can recognize to help identify our own addictions. While we may first engage in a behavior from hedonistic tendencies, repeated engagement will often create a compulsion to participate in the behavior when triggered by people, places, or internal states (Hyoun & Hodgins, 2018). In other words, a behavioral addiction. In addition to Compulsion, there are three other ways that we can identify addiction in our own behaviors: Craving, Control, and Consequence. All four of these identifiers are what counselors call The 4 C’s of Addiction. If any “C” applies to a behavior you participate in, it is more likely than not, an addiction.

Addictions should not have to be life ruining to get our attention. Sometimes small behavioral addictions can answer questions about small conflicts we have in our life. Checking social media every day isn’t crumbling lives by the millions, but it does contribute to procrastination, motivation issues, and body image issues. And yes, sometimes you may just have a habit and there are no consequences for it. The four C’s help us determine if a behavior is an addiction or just high involvement in a behavior.

I do not want you to read this article believing everything you do regularly is an addiction. Participating in something daily or often does not automatically make it an issue in our lives. Someone who exercises or reads everyday would be seen as participating in good habits. It is only when applying the C’s: reflecting and understanding if our own behaviors are compulsive, craved, or possibly causing consequences, that we can begin to acknowledge addictive behaviors we regularly participate in. If you read every day, I’ll tell you it is a good habit. If reading every day is being prioritized over more important things in your life, such as spending time with your family, I would tell you that you have an addiction. 

How do we change it? The first step of fighting any addiction is to identify and accept we have a problem. Of course, I would suggest you process through addictions with a professional counselor. However, being mindful of our own behavior is the reflection I am asking the reader to make. If we do not confront our own behavioral addictions, how can we expect society to fix these ever-growing problems? Society is not a thing we can blame everything on. WE are society, and until we decide to be reflective and change ourselves, society cannot and will not change.


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