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Spring Into A Healthy Mindset

We have officially arrived! We are now in the true season of spring! The light shines longer—giving us more opportunities to make the most of our day. There are more chances to take a walk, get to that project that we have been putting off because of the weather, or even take on the challenge of the way we see ourselves and the struggles in our lives.

In our current world today, if you are anything like me, you might be feeling hopeless or overwhelmed. Things seem to be escalating exponentially faster than they have before. There are terrifying parts of our history that we can see unfolding in current affairs. There are so many things being said, that it is hard to take all of the information as truth. In all this darkness and turmoil, we can lose sight of the light. There is hope, and it begins with you.

When thinking of things that bring us security and safety, we return to the word certainty. This is something that most of us strive to bring to our lives since it gives us a sense of control. Certainty gives us something to grasp as we navigate through a world that is constantly changing in ways that we did not see coming. This constant pursuit of security can sometimes lead us astray, because in all reality there are so few things that we can control. This is where the power of possibility comes in. Possibility, in itself, does not provide you with a sense of certainty, but rather allows you to expand and awaken to a new idea in your life. Think of it like the game of tag that you played as a child. In order to be successful at the game, you cannot get too far from base, but as you get better at the game you can go further away. Think of base as God and keeping him close at hand. The stronger your relationship is with Him, the further you can go out and look at things in the world, asking questions, changing your point of view, knowing He is still always within reach and is the basis of your thinking.

In the line of counseling, I tend to meet people who operate life from their comfort zone rather than their full potential. I can be guilty of this as well! Fear keeps us in this place of comfort. Whether it be in relationships, jobs, or everyday life, it can feel safe to live in a place that protects us from past painful experiences, wounds, disappointments, and failures or fear of failure. You may have landed in this comfort zone that was created out of survival. However, this is not a place of growth or happiness. God created us with the intention to grow in ways that bring us closer to Him and give us that sense of fulfillment. This sense comes not as a destination but as a constant journey of life. This is my challenge for you to break free from this place of certainty.

Where to Begin:

Any place of lasting change is one that is reflected upon and planned with a course of action. When considering taking on a new mindset of possibility, recount the things in your life that you have struggled through. Within each of these struggles that you have overcome, there have been patterns that contributed to your success. Can you name what those specifically are? These healthy patterns can consist of support systems, scripture and prayer, attainable and realistic goals, and an environment for success. When we have an awareness of what has led us on our path for success, there is a very high likelihood that, with those things in place, we will once again be led on that very same path. Putting these steps into action will guide you toward changing your mindset and keeping yourself focused on your possibility and potential.

The next course of action in taking a positive mindset and embracing possibility comes from gratitude. Reflect on the blessings in your life, even those that did not seem like a blessing at the time. God did not promise us days without hurt and sorrow, but rather the constant of his presence and love through the dark days. The very purpose of this pain and sorrow is not to give you an excuse to live behind the label of a victim. This does you absolutely no good at all! I meet clients all the time that tell me they cannot have things in their life because they have anxiety, depression, grief, or ADHD. This is not true. These things are a part of life, but they do not keep you from having the life you want. It is all in how you view the struggles that you have lived through and recognize the stronger person you have become because of that struggle. To have the life that you want, ask yourself this question: What are the unhealthy things in my life that I have control over that I could begin to change right now?. Stop believing the lies and excuses of limitations that you tell yourself. Get out of your own way and start pursuing the things that bring you happiness. You are the one that holds the key to the door that you want to walk through.

Change Your Perspective:

Changing a way of thinking takes time and practice, but it can be done! It begins with exploring the ideas of what is right in front of you. You may have been there before or this could be your first time taking a deeper look. It begins with the idea of asking what if...? So often we see something that feels big and ugly and we are drawn to that authority figure that feeds us information as the absolute in our minds. What if we took the approach that there is an outlier of possibility—that we keep our minds open to the idea that there might be something that we can do. We can apply this line of thinking to almost anything: saving a relationship, pursuing a new career goal, speaking out against something that is unjust, fighting a diagnosis, or achieving financial security. Determine whatever that “thing” is to you and take on the power of possibility. Stay open and curious to what is new right in front of you in every moment, and refuse to see it as you have before.

Final Thoughts:

Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. None of us like to believe that life will always be uncertain and change will continuously surround us. However, there are things that we do know. You are capable of many things. Changing the way you see things, and letting go of the harmful labels you might have been operating under or have experienced, is a path to your happiness. Embrace the idea that there are areas of your life that have the potential for some incredibly positive change. The idea I leave you with is simple, look for the power of possibility. Ask questions and seek understanding in places you never have before. You never know, some of these possibilities could be in your husband’s smile, a diagnosis, or political news. There is hope. There is potential.


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We express our thanks to all of you who give financially and participate in our fundraising events. We could not reach the families in our community without your generosity. To those of you who are new to Peace Partnership, we thank you for joining us and look forward to connecting with you as we work together to change lives. At Peace Partnership our goal is simple: to help struggling people find peace in their lives. Your generosity makes everything we do possible.

  • Thank you, Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services and Stan & Deb Oglesby, for your faithful partnership. Your heart for helping others is evident and it is a joy to partner with you.

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