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Spreading Empathy

In early December, I sat far across a classroom from a kiddo I have a long-term relationship with, and thinking nothing of the action, I pulled down my mask for a moment to grab a quick sip of water. He looked up a bit startled and said “Miss Lindsay!”

“What is it buddy?” I asked.

“Oh. Nothing. I just really missed your face. It was good to see it again.”

What a moment. Kids are so much more incredible than we give them credit for (and yes, if you’ve been here for any length of time, I know you already know I think that kids are the best). This little guy summed up everything we’ve forgotten in one kind and simple phrase —"I missed your face.”

We’re closing in on the 1-year anniversary of something we’ll all likely not celebrate: our Covid-a-versary. According to researchers who study our emotional experiences in disasters and other collective traumas, we’re about to hit another dip in our chronic stress because of this anniversary. So, before we get there, let’s take a moment. This year has been fraught with disagreement. No matter your beliefs about politics, your philosophy on the effectiveness of masks, or your ideas about the speed of vaccination creation, or the myriad of other things we could disagree upon, the last year has been nothing like we’ve planned. While lots of things remain unresolved, it is imperative to remember something that I’ve all too often forgotten in my own interactions over the last months: there is a person behind that mask. A person with feelings, fears, hopes, ideas, and opinions. Some of them might be similar to yours, and others might be in direct conflict with yours. That person is created as an image bearer of Christ. While we may disagree on what we should fear or what inspires us to hope, treating one another as if we are faceless or as if we can only be defined by one of our beliefs is to do ourselves a disservice and disrespect our Creator whose image we bear.

In no way am I saying to allow your convictions to fall to the wayside. I am grateful for the country that we live in and the freedom that we have to express our dissenting opinions. However, what I am saying is that I believe (and I have seen) that we can be respectful while we do it. And, if we can’t do it for ourselves, keep in mind that there are little eyes and little ears watching how we respond to disagreement. Don’t believe me? Kids sit across from me every day and ask me questions about what they are seeing on the news, in the community, and what they are hearing from peers at school: Why are the grown-ups so mad? Why did this leader do this, why will this leader choose to do that? Why does my friend say their parents believe this, but I thought that?

I spend a portion of my days facilitating discussion rooted in anxiety, stress, or sadness and providing a safe space to wrestle with these questions. To do that my clients have to untangle confusion, hurt, manipulation, misinformation, grief, and anger—and I’m sure that’s not an exhaustive list. If not for ourselves, let’s model for our next generation what really seeing others with an empathic heart looks like.


Can you believe that it is already February 1st? The year is already off to a great start and we want to thank each donor for the part they play in allowing us to provide high-quality, affordable counseling services for at-risk children and families. We couldn’t do it without you!


A special thanks to the Jeremiah 924 Foundation for your continued annual commitment and contribution. We are beyond grateful for your generosity.

  • Thank you, Stan & Deb Oglesby & Midwest Accident Reconstruction Services, for your renewed quarterly gift commitment and contribution.

  • A special thanks to the Jeremiah 924 Foundation for your continued annual commitment and contribution. We are beyond grateful for your generosity.

  • Brenda Allison we are thankful for your very generous 1st time gift that we received from Fidelity Charitable on your behalf.

  • We are grateful to Michael Swift, Tony Quintero and Kelly Akins for your first-time gift, through our Mavericks partnership, that will help make a lasting impact in the lives of so many.

  • A special thank you to Metcalf Auto Plaza, iPlumb KC and Friends of Rick Brattin for your Sporting Clay Tournament Sponsorships.

  • We are so excited and thankful for Mark McBride and Aaron Parra for wasting no time getting their Sporting Clay teams registered.

A special Thank You to our faithful monthly supporters: Brandon & Vanessa Blanchard, Jenny Glasgow, Craig & Samantha Compton, Roger & Jennifer Madsen, John & Vicki Hefner, Tamara Stroud, Church at Coffee Creek, John & Keshia Otradovec, Zane & Melissa Morerod, Matt & Kristy Newton, Jondy & Heather Britton, Rick & Jan Britton, Nancy Shea, Diane Smith, Rick & Kathy Daulton, Scott & Lydia Hurley, Kevin Quinn, Dan & Gigi Rippee, Mike & Tracy Pruitt, Lee & Debbie Miller, Linda Hartman, Lone Jack Baptist Church, Brent & Amanda Miller, Clayton & Pam Wooldridge, Demi Raveill, Stan & Deb Oglesby, Jeff Cherry, Andre Fantasma, Jon & Naomi Thompson, Jon Brody, and Greg & Jennifer Spears.

We appreciate you!


In March 2021, Jersey Mike’s will again join forces with Peace Partnership for the Month of Giving campaign which raises money for hundreds of charities coast to coast in 31 days. We are honored to be the designated non-profit of Jersey Mike’s Subs in Blue Springs. The month-long fundraising will culminate on Wednesday, March 31, with Jersey Mike’s nationwide “Day of Giving.”

On March 31st Peace Partnership will receive 100% of the day’s sales. Check back frequently for more information and to place your order. Also, watch our Facebook page for other Month of Giving promotions and sales. This year we are doing things a bit different. We want to give back and personally thank our First Responders, Health Care Professionals and School Teachers. We are asking that you commit to sponsor a school, fire department, police station or a group of health care workers to provide them lunch on March 31st. You can also give an event donation that we will apply towards lunch for the selected recipients in our community. If you would like to get involved or nominate a group of selfless individuals, please email


Registration and Sponsorships are now available for our 1st Annual Sporting Clay Tournament. Our event will be held on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at Powder Creek Shooting Park in Lenexa. If you’ve been to our golf tournament you know this will be a top-notch event with some stellar swag bag gifts. At the event you can expect breakfast, lunch, 100 clays, prizes, team golf car, swag bag and 1 raffle entry per person. You won’t want to miss this! We only have room for 20 teams and we only have 11 team spots left, so get registered TODAY!


  • Team Registration – 4 Person ($500)

  • Individual Team Registration ($125): Playing on a team but paying fees individually.

  • Individual Registration ($150): Individual shooter, not yet on a team. Will be placed on a team prior to event.


  • 12 Gauge Sponsor ($2,500): Logo on All Printed Materials, Logo on Event Participant Gift, Logo on Event Banner, Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign; 1 Team of Four Included

  • 16 Gauge Sponsor ($1,250): Logo on Event Banner, Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign; 1 Team of Four Included

  • 20 Gauge Sponsor ($750): Logo on Event Banner, Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign

  • 28 Gauge Sponsor ($250): Logo on 1 Shooting Station Sign


Save the Date for our 5th Annual Golf Classic on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at Adams Pointe Golf Club in Blue Springs. This is a sold-out event every year, so start getting your team together.

To secure your team or to become an event sponsor, visit our Events page or click here.

2021 Golf Tournament Silent Auction Packages Needed! Peace Partnership would like to invite you, your friends, and family to create a Package for our 2021 Silent Auction. Your package will help us raise funds so we can continue to help those in need, by providing quality mental health care at affordable rates to an underserved community. We are also accepting other new donated items for our silent auction.

How Do I Make A Silent Auction Package?

  1. Pick a “theme” for your package.

  2. Ask each participant to bring an item that fits the theme.

  3. Items can be merchandise, gift cards, entertainment, services, etc.

  4. The package should be valued at $50 or more.

Here Are Some Ideas To Get You Started!

  • Amazon Gift Card

  • Apple Products

  • Country Club Plaza Gift Card

  • Grill-Out Package

  • Home Decor

  • Date Night Package

  • Spa Day

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • Outdoors Package

  • Yeti Products

  • Car Guru Package

  • Fitness Package

For questions or package drop off, please contact Athena Brattin at or call 816-272-0653.

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