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How We Love

I want to talk about love.

The Greeks had four words for our English word love. Each of the Greek words described a different type of love. This gave us a deeper way of understanding this powerful word. Philia is a type of brotherly love that happens with our close friends. It relates to when you think of how thankful you are for a friend that has always been there for you. Eros is the type of love associated with passion. When a person talks about “being in love” Eros is what they are referring to. Storge is the type of love that occurs in a family. It can withstand trials and tribulations and is seen as a protective type of love. Then there is the love that I am writing about today –


Agape is a type of love that is seen as unconditional and sacrificial. It is a selfless love, a choice, one that is considered the highest form. This is the love that God has for us.

In February of 2021, I got a phone call that nobody wishes to receive. It was a cold snowy, winter night, and I knew something was wrong the moment I saw my brother’s name flash across the screen. He told me he was driving from Colorado to Wyoming because our dad had died. He did not know any of the details other than he had been told it was related to Covid. My dad had been totally healthy up to this point and this was a complete shock. By the time my brother arrived in Wyoming, my father’s body was being sent to Nebraska to be cremated the next day – without any family member's knowledge or consent.

It seemed like everything was happening at light speed.

Over the next couple months, my brother spent every weekend driving up to Wyoming trying to help our dad’s wife prepare for an estate sale. As the sale grew closer, the emotions became higher. She was worried that as my dad’s survivors, my siblings and I would grow greedy and want a part of his estate.

Since my dad’s marriage to his wife, we had all grown very distant. There were a lot of moments of hurt and unfinished business in all of our relationships, including my mother's. However, seeking a piece of what he left behind was not anything that my siblings and I wanted. This did not stop my dad’s wife from taking out her grief and anger on my brother and his family, severing the relationship. My brother’s last interaction involved a great deal of hurt and anger and he had vowed to let that part of his life go despite all the pain.

Fast forward two years later.

I was sitting in church and my phone began to buzz, indicating a string of text messages. It was from her. She was telling me that she was having some medical problems, but wanted to reach out to see if I could come and get some of my father’s belongings, as well as his ashes. She told me that because of her medical condition and financial strain that she was never able to carry out his dying wishes.

Despite my own hesitations, I decided to go. Every piece of me did not want to, but I wanted to show love to my dad. This one last thing I could do for him. As I pulled into the driveway of this beautiful brand-new home in Lenexa, Kansas, I fought back the tears and practiced some appropriate responses to ensure this would be a quick interaction. I was met at the door by a man who introduced himself as her new husband and told me he wanted me to get my father’s things out of his house. I loaded box after box in the back of my SUV and fought the lump in my throat. Lastly, he tossed a box in the air and I caught it. I looked down, it had a mailing label on the front which indicated that inside this cardboard box was a plastic baggy that contained the last earthly remains of my father.

I put him in the front seat and buckled him in. As I drove away, I felt this sinking feeling inside of me. You see, my father sacrificed everything for this woman and his love for her. He gave up knowing his adult children and grandchildren. Within their relationship, he gave her a selfless form of love. She could not even regard him with a form of respect to have his body put in an urn or to fulfill his wishes of where he wanted his ashes spread and returned to the earth. Instead, she left him in cardboard and plastic while she sold off his belongings to marry someone else and live off of his life’s work. Try as I might, I was filled with anger and resentment, doubting the decency of mankind.

I was not able to tell my mom where I was going on the day I went to retrieve his things. I knew that this would only worry and upset her. So, I waited until I could tell her it was done. That night as I explained what I had done, she was quiet and let me express my feelings. Once I was done, she simply asked me where the ashes were now. I told her I had brought them in and placed them on my kitchen counter. It had been over two decades since my parents had last spoken.

My mother was so hurt by my father’s decisions and actions that she could rarely speak of him. She cleared her throat and told me she was so sorry that I did that all alone. Then she told me she was going to go to the local funeral home and order an urn. That his body needed to have an honorable place to rest. She then proceeded to help me see how this would be a chance for my younger brother and I to travel this summer. To go to the places that my dad loved most. To honor his life that he led here.

To lay him to rest.

We are given opportunities all the time to witness examples of God’s love in one another. My mom had a choice that day on how to respond. She chose to offer love to a person in a selfless way. Someone who did not always honor her in the same way. Do you think God ever feels that way?

And yet He gives us His love, no matter what. Do you honor and love the people in your life in this way? I don’t do this all the time. I have not been the most perfect human being. However, what would the world be like if we did? What if we learned to show each other Agape love? Is there a relationship that you could make a move in this direction? I view life as a chance to make changes that are for the better.

Are you willing to make a change in yours?



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We appreciate each and every one of you!

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