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The Grip of Pride

I recently started reading the book “One Truth” by Jon Gordon. The book focuses on the idea of breaking down the lies that we often feed ourselves and changing our inner thoughts toward living freely in the truth. It begins by asking about what you value most in life and the way that you honor relationships.

I began to ponder the things that I have sacrificed – either for or against meaningful connections with others. In my recent interactions, I have had the opportunity to see how others are using their sense of pride as a guide in their lives versus facing the truth of the situation. It has created complexities and hurtful obstacles that they are often unsure of how to escape. Pride is often characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance. This can prevent us from making necessary changes, therefore hindering our overall well-being.

I have recently been working with an individual who is seeking help to improve relationships in her life. She very much values the people with whom she is working to repair transgressions of the past, however, her and their rules for life do not match in moving forward. She had previously been married and there was some verbal abuse and addiction that took place. In that time, she and her husband had a son. Shortly after the baby was born her husband left, leaving her to raise her son on her own and navigate through single parenthood. Luckily, she had the support of her parents, so she was able to achieve her degree.

She later remarried and formed a blended family which included two step-children. Fast forward to the present, her husband has retired and is able to take care of most of the housework as she is still working. Her adult children live in the area and she wishes to have a deeper, more meaningful relationship with them. However, when she speaks to her husband, she is usually criticizing him or correcting him. She is able to list the things that he does daily to support her and show his love, yet when she recalls conversations with him, it involves breaking down every specific mistake that he has made.

To date, she is not willing to admit or take responsibility for her mistakes. When she has conversations with her adult son, they revolve around her life and what is happening at work and she takes very little time to understand the things that matter most to him. Her son will try to tell her that when he does say something that she will follow it up with how that same thing has happened to her, but worse. It seems her son is wanting a mother that takes the same general interest in him that he does in her.

She admits that there is tension between her and her son from the past. They have tried to have conversations before but he usually becomes upset and will abruptly end the conversation. Her son has tried to confront her about the ways that she speaks to her husband and how demeaning it is. Instead, she stays stuck in the idea that she has had to fight her entire way through life. She is not willing to see or take the perspective of others, or even accept that she played a part in all of these situations.

In counseling, we talk about the idea of having these meaningful conversations and apologizing for behaviors of the past. Sadly, she is not willing to do it… yet. She values being right over all other things. It means more to her than her relationship with her children and husband. She values her pride above all other things.

In my experience, I see pride as having two significant factors that keep people from moving forward.

The first one is the fear of failure. Pride often creates a fear of others seeing us fail or appear to be inadequate. When it comes to adapting new ways of thought, I often meet people who revert back to old habits because there is a fear of not knowing the changes that the new approach could bring. Individuals often worry about looking inexperienced, needing guidance, or even falling short of their own expectations. This fear of failure can hinder our progress and prevent us from making positive changes.

The second factor is resistance to accepting criticism or negative feedback from others. Jesus is our only example of perfection, expecting ourselves to always be correct in our decision-making is impossible. We are to acknowledge our mistakes and use them to learn.

Instead, I see those that value pride above growth becoming defensive and disregard the valuable input that could significantly improve their life. This resistance to feedback will then limit their growth and prevent them from identifying areas where they need to make adjustments or seek further support.

Pride can often make it difficult to acknowledge our vulnerabilities and accept help when needed. Our pride can sometimes lead us to believe that we should handle all of our problems on our own. Pride causes us to believe that when we seek the advice of another, it is a sign of weakness. This harmful way of thinking could prevent us from the growth that we have been in search of all along.

Taking a different approach could provide valuable insight that leads us to living the life we had hoped for. We might be aware that we are unhappy with the current situation in which we live, however, taking responsibility for your life and your part of that unhealthy situation is a challenging next step. A colleague of mine once said,

“God does not answer our prayer without presenting it in the form of a challenge. That is where we learn the value in working for what we ask for.”

When you think about relationships in your own life, ask:

  • Are there any relationships that you feel a strain on or that have been impacted by an event in the past?

  • Were the decisions that you made a matter of you holding on to your pride?

When we can let go of the idea of being right and accept that idea of loving others, there are significant improvements that will follow as a result. Living in the truth is the way to set you free from those ideas of the past. Just because these things took place or were said, does not define the future of the relationship. I like the idea that it is not always the mistake that matters, it is what you do next after the mistake is made.

Pride will become a hindrance to living a healthy life with positive relationships. Recognizing when pride is interfering with our well-being is the first step when overcoming this obstacle. By humbling ourselves, seeking help when needed, and accepting feedback, we can break free from the shackles of pride and embark on a journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.

True strength lies in our ability to acknowledge our limitations and mistakes, and then embrace the support and growth that come as a result.


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